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Charge standard

★ primary "language, mathematics, English, math"
20-30 per hour (non-serving teachers) 30-60 yuan/hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers) ★ junior "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math"
25-40 per hour (non-serving teachers) 40-100 yuan/hour (service/termination/retirement/education teachers; foreign teachers) ★ secondary three school leavers/self-study examination "Chinese, maths, English, physics, chemistry, math, various professional courses"
Each hours 35-50 Yuan (non-on-the-job teacher) (high high 235--40 Yuan; high 340--50 Yuan) each hours 60--100 Yuan (on-the-job/left/retired/learning teachers; field teachers) ★ adult English/English oral/English 46 level/business English/English voice each hours 30--50 Yuan (non-on-the-job teacher) each hours 50---100 Yuan (on-the-job/left/retired/learning teachers; field teachers) ★ piano/flower/violin/guitar/saxophone/flute /Guzheng/erhu/flute/flute/guqin/pipa/dulcimer/combat instruments one hours 25-30 yuan (amateur) (piano/flower 25 Yuan, other 30 yuan) a hours 30-50 Yuan (General professional undergraduate) (piano/flower 30 yuan, other 50 Yuan) a hours 40-60 Yuan (music professional undergraduate, and General music teachers) (piano/flower 40 Yuan, other 60 Yuan) a hours 100 Yuan (music professional graduate, and Music teachers in teaching for more than 10 years) an hour and 150 Yuan (professional lecturer, Associate Professor of music) an hour and 200 Yuan (Professor of music)

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