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Wise parents five strokes to create independent child

Do not wait until the children grow up, go blame their lack of independence. As everyone knows, the independence of the child depends entirely on developing and improving his parents.
First, inspired by his own difficulties when going out, children remembered the teacher to take red things to kindergarten, and something red, although there, it takes time to find, and are running out of time for both children and parents, will you immediately to help children find?
Action: If you can inspire children, such as "your Red Hat is red, can it? Or do you think there is something which is red? "
Tip: when children have mastered this approach, you can also up the ante and put him in finding a solution to the problem of limited time.
Such as in less than 1 minute to set out all the toys and so on, these fun exercises can be made when a child is having problems not alarmed and confused, but quickly concentrate, find a way.
Second: free learn self-help children finished the teacher assigned homework, when he asked you for help, in order not to let the children blamed by the teacher, if you will help him make up a reason to deal with it?
Action: you may wish to say: we should make a rule, no excuses, you are responsible for their actions. Next, you may wish to find the roots of children unable to finish the job, is the lack of ability to organize and arrange, or otherwise. Fundamentally to stop his "butt".
Tip: If responsive, and will inevitably lead to the child there just waiting for you to come to him to solve problems. Usually you can give him a calendar, so he wrote down the time, or sticky note timing, so feel free to remind. Younger children can use the picture as a reminder.
Third: teach kids the pros and cons for Sunday family outing, the arrangements you have for a long time, but children get classmates kind invitation, let him go to his birthday party. In this regard, children tend to embarrass, I hope parents take an idea, you decide the matter?
Action: you should help him think: "If you go to classmate's birthday will be like? And you don't go to someone's birthday party, students will think? Tell him that every decision has positive and negative sides.
Tip: do not make up his mind for him. What you should do is, help him to think about the consequences of every decision made, learn their pros and cons. If your child can practice making decisions, then faced a dilemma when he grows up so.
Part IV: stand up from failure if very interested in children are confident to participate in team tryouts, but was eliminated without taking, when he says to you: I vowed never to participate in this activity, how would you help him?
Strategy: tell him you understand his feelings now, defeat, but there's no need to give up the sport, nobody's perfect, sometimes it'll make mistakes, you can find what place did not do better, led to the failure, simply do, still have a chance.
Tip: let children the right to fail is to help an important part of them. Who are able to talk with him before you make little mistakes and how to correct it. Last should encourage the kids in front of peers, dare to say it out my own shortcomings and learn to cheer myself up.
Five: consultation with peer problems when one of the children to watch TV channels, argued with companion up, would you be in a hurry to participate, not happy with their decision problem?
Action: you can remind them that anger will not solve any problem, only quiet himself down, to find a way to solve the problem. Or tips they can use to toss old but effective way to determine the outcome.
Tip: there is nothing better than to let your child solve problems through consultations. Parents ' responsibility is only prompted them to consultations of their behavior. Each other led them when they come up with the best solution.

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