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Understanding the psychological characteristics of children

Generally speaking, the child has the following features:
, Imitating Psychology: children less than a year old when, able to imitate simple 4 voices and movements, at two years old when he was able to imitate complex actions. 3 or 4 years old when mimicking ability faster. Like imitation is the nature of children, so parents, leading by example, as a model for their children, for example.
Second, the curiosity: children are born curious, five or six-month-old baby, one hears sound 4 turns to look, saw things we should reach out to. At the age of 4 or 5, curious moves, very much, saw cars on the road came, he always stopped to see hear out the gongs, he would go and see. Depending on the child's curiosity, parents of his love ask not to be scolded boring, should try to satisfy him, and he explained everything. Plato said, "curiosity is the gate of knowledge", 4 of curious children, it would have been not to touch things, do not come into contact with things, you can't understand the nature of things and the situation.
Third, good game: children are born good, the game of life. Parents must pay attention to the child's actions and the game. Equipment should be well prepared so that children fully exercise; suitable companion to the child, so that children have a good effect using his restless mental, taught manners, behavior, or directing its good exercise.
Four, social psychology: infants and young children is particularly gregarious, and peer play when two years old, at the age of five or six, a social development more strongly. Parents must capitalise on this, select good child, tame animals and small cloth dolls and the like, to comfort his loneliness, sincere, honest and good personalities, such as the development of the child.
Five, like the wild life: most kids like to live in the wild, it pleased to go outside and play all day long, not very happy at home. But wild child shall be limited to age. Younger children, that they may gather the flowers, all kinds of trees, held a short distance activities can. Older children can call them collect specimens, and tourist activities to increase their knowledge of the game, their body, enjoy their spirit, so that they are able to enjoy the many benefits. Children regardless of age, male or female, likes the wild life, parents often bring children to go for a walk in the wild.
Six, like the psychology of success: children do things like success, so children do not too difficult so that it discouraged, so that next time you don't want to do, and impede their progress. Parents should create conditions to let children develop interest and confidence in doing things, and make each of them a success.

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