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To give high school students sleep well sleep is important

Our brain is very smart, and not stupid, when the body feels uncomfortable when I sleep, it will naturally adjust posture, reduce fatigue. So, how can we just sleep, love sleep sleep. But sleep also has advantages and disadvantages for healthy sleep. For instance, it doesn't have to be too particular about your sleeping posture. Because you know that night, how many times you have to over and over again, same position held until the morning the probability of very little. However, the position for some not-so-healthy person is about.
Prone only 5% people choose to lie face down, it appears that traditional media does have a deterrent.
Advantages: very safe. Vomiting, and help foreign bodies out of the mouth; the natural physiological curvature of the spine, reduce the incidence of spine.
Disadvantages: easy to drool, stiff neck; stress on the heart and lungs, affect breathing. Most animal sleep on land can be seen, lying face downward pressure on the chest, should be within the range of normal.
Suitable for: none. Under normal circumstances, not recommended; special, a physician.
Not crowd: neurasthenia, cardiac, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis in people.
Supine sleeping supine 60% chose mass position.
Advantages: no oppression of Zang-Fu organs of the body.
Disadvantages: it is sleeping like a nightmares. First, because it is easy to cause the tongue to fall, blocking breathing; second, because after sleeping, people unconsciously his hands across his chest, causing nightmares.
Crowd: on both sides of the lungs the way they (other positions are not suitable).
Not crowd: person who snores. To select back, or at least his head on one side.

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