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Three parents how to communicate with your child's teacher

In three crucial years, parents of students with teacher and make children comes to work is also very important. But many parents do not know how to communicate with your child's teacher, I do not know the best time to communicate with the teacher, do not know what way to communicate, much less know and teacher communication and prone to mistakes. We discuss together, and three stage parents how to communicate effectively with teachers.
, Three long face high classroom teachers need to communicate with the child "teacher" refers to Professor tasks to their children's teachers. Many parents think that three phase, communicate with your child's teacher, but ignores the existence of classroom teachers. In fact, head teacher is responsible for the class, and can "macro" master classes, but parents should want to know further information, still need to have contact with the classroom teacher. Because most are its teachers familiar with the examinee, Gao Sansheng main review time at school, review of all work should be coordinated with school review of progress will be easier. Established to review progress is the candidate's teacher, not only to ensure that the review of the student's progress and quality, but very clearly the candidates what to do at each stage, what not to do. Meanwhile, teachers and students effective communication can help foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in its examination, and find a shortcut to quickly improve your score. Therefore, no one than the classroom teachers to understand the candidate's situation. Meanwhile, best the is to help students improve their classroom teacher. Each will send the most outstanding high school teachers to take up the responsibility of senior teaching. Taught by those teachers in their own disciplines have deep knowledge in the field, fully capable to better educate students. Teacher with students accompany. They are the candidates most "intimate" who played a role in children's study to improve should not be underestimated.
Second, high three long how to communicate with your child's classroom teacher explains high above three long the necessity and importance of communicating with your child's teacher, positive and effective communication with classroom teachers, is one of the parents support the work of teachers to take up candidates for the exam. Then, as the high-three long, how can we communicate with your child's teacher? In the process of communication that we pay attention to what issues?
1, communication contents reflect many parents don't know what to talk to teachers, or talking with the teacher can't hold focus. Questions in this category belong to the communications category. Advises parents and teachers to communicate the following: children want to State, children leaning branch, whether the child is there for reference errors.
2, communication timing timing of communication also plays an important role in the communication. In summary, the following points need more communication between parents and teachers: learning environment changes, parents of candidates after a week, and high after several exams, candidates of mood swings, and so on, on these occasions, senior parents should actively look for classroom teachers to communicate.
3, communication by day, parents are busy at work, other than the parents, I'm afraid there is not much chance of face-to-face communication with the teacher. Most parents are limited to not do too much communication with teachers. In fact, in addition to face-to-face interaction, there are other ways to communicate with the teacher, such as text messaging or Web tools to communicate over the telephone.
(1) call or SMS. Features are easy and fast. Parents can call or SMS sent greetings to the teacher and ask for a child's learning. Save both the time and cost to the school, and not brought too much trouble for the teachers.
(2) blog. Teacher communication and exchange of teaching and learning methods of the blog, blog ways for parents to communicate with the teacher. This kind of communication is less effective. High school teachers are busier and will not necessarily take care of the blog every day, messages may not respond promptly. This kind of communication style tends to be a one-way communication, posted a message that teachers and parents "crowd", and for parents, with regard to certain important things and teacher discussion is not recommended for use in this way.
(3) such as MSN and QQ Instant Messenger. If parents often use the Internet, you can contact parents to teachers when the network in order to communicate on a weekday.
(4) mail. Such parents want to express more logical and rational, but also easy to some of the more complex account of what happened. After the message was sent via text message reminders for the teacher to check the best to ensure the teacher to see the content of the letter and respond.
4, mindset of communication in our communication with the teacher content, timing of communication, understanding the mode of communication. What needs to be clear is to use the mentality of how to communicate with teachers.
(1) respect each other. As a parent can be obtained from the teacher candidates ' performance in school, learning problems, class location, and so on. Meanwhile, from parents as teachers can get a lot of information, understanding and support in the work. These will allow parents and teachers to form a harmonious, harmonious and collaborative Education Alliance. Therefore, the relationship between the two is not who asked who, at any time of the communication should be in line with the principle of mutual respect.
(2) mutual trust. As a parent, is not very knowledgeable about current education system, also generally lack knowledge of pedagogy and psychology, in the child's experience on the issue of education is more difficult. So parents on parenting issues, there were many deviations and are often themselves do not perceive these variations or deviations with the teacher's views were quite different. At this time, parents need to be calm, from its own point of view to do self-examination and actively communicate with teachers, listen to the teacher's advice.
(3) evaluation. Not to encounter the baby a little aggrieved, as a lot of things, don't forget to communicate their position and the teacher, not to put all the responsibility on others. When the child complained, parents should also think about, also stood up think a teacher a lot of problems, so you can better judge the teacher's approach is correct. Don't be so ready to pull the children and teachers to defend not only will not help to children, they will bully them.

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