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Small liters early textual white-hot hand 40 cards are still jittery

Textual research of nearly half of the people believe that "unnecessary"
Morning news-"morning news • questionnaire" "hundred people quickly" to show that 47% per cent of respondents think that the primary research "not necessary" and "unnecessary".
Wang said that children now academic pressure is already very large, school lessons were overwhelmed by them, why should research around it? But 29% of respondents feel that research "is necessary" and "very necessary". Children 9 years old said that other people's children in the exam, their children do not test, you can't keep up with the trend of the times, will eventually be eliminated. 24% candidates are left, "General", is rather fuzzy.
In the eyes of those surveyed, pupils should study what kind of card? "Foreign language certificates" and "talent class certificates" for similar support, respectively, where 46%, 41%, and some candidates "contest certificate."
"The main reason pupils research a hot" this issue, 46% of respondents considered "academic pressure" caused by "parents" for this reason in second place.
Reporter's notes "up" needs a new assessment system-morning news reporter Dong Chuanfeng why parents attracted research, the key lies in enrolling junior middle school lacking a recognized basis for evaluation. Assess pupils are mainly of the growth record, but poor reflected above is excellent, and discrimination is not, a very high proportion, is hard to pick out a really good student in middle school.
Although there are no City Board of education announced the official Junior ranking, but in the minds of parents, have formed a private junior high school ranking in front of mostly private junior high school. These schools at the time of admission in addition to the comprehensive quality of the students, but often require students to submit contest certificate. Some schools participated in the recruitment of teachers in Shanghai said: "schools get students to submit materials, is generally straight to the ' theme ', look at his hands which award certificates, heavyweight is the Central Cup ', ' hope Cup ' and the Olympiad. Students have these certificates, admitted hopes considerably. "A person in education also revealed that some private junior high school to Rob students, gathers some Mathematics Olympiad, Olympiad Winners of in particular, to set students on the list as soon as possible," for second prize of the early contacts of the Student Union, students about to award ".
Therefore, the parents to let their children get school interview qualifications had to get children involved in the "up" research world war, refuses to let any one could help "certificate".
Despite the policy of vicinity is wonderful, but it is too hard to achieve, that both parents, more educational resources imbalance problem. Want parents to buy it, not allowing children to research, and have tackled ways. It was suggested that the better recovery "up" test, all went without a test certificate, just outside reading, math can be, but this appears to be and quality education, contrary to the purpose of reducing students ' burden, but restoration of public examinations in the last stage is almost impossible.
For, reporter think, key also is to established "small rose early" unified of admitted rules, education competent sector can consider established a primary school academic monitoring system, on three grade, and four grade, and five grade implemented district level of unified academic exam, through on usually results of monitoring to full understand students of learning status, to junior high school a intuitive of reference, while plus graduated test of results, constitute a everyone identity of "small rose early" of according to, will pupils and parents are from research of troubles in the free out.
Pupils hand took 40 Zhang card still panicked-morning news reporter Wang Jing Dong Chuanfeng finally put winter has, but primary school four grade students Chen Jia (pseudonym) also no break breath, on began has "cruel" of welcome test training--daily 8:30 A.M. and mother catch to Austrian number courses Shang 3 hours of class, home Hou also to do more than 10 more road of class Hou practice, so hard to participate in will Yu February and March open test of "small smart Cup" and "in the ring Cup" final. Chen said his mother made excellent certificate and is able to apply a good junior high school.
Chen Jia is not the individual. Today, various kinds of certificates has become key to schools, but a pupil examination of more than more than 40 permits are still terrified, the kindergarten to research more and more. Faced with this phenomenon, people had to worry about, over time many students have not won at the starting line, fell at the starting line.
[Messy like a • certificate number]
Five research nearly 40 four-year fee has exceeded 50,000 and Chen Jia, starting from 3 grade, Roger LUK just (not his real name) into research in the battle. Roger LUK just now have been given a "Central Cup" award and "smart Cup" award and the "Spring Bud Cup" the first, "King of Mathematics" first prize, national English contest for primary and second prize, third prize in the contest, popular science English English listening, Samsung also adopted English exam. Only third-grade year, he participated in no fewer than 10 examination of the certificate class. Lu said his mother test a wide variety of certificate is "up", "come, and I said, if you want to go to a good junior high school, no certificate, the certificate is not in English, don't even think about it."
Roger LUK just where the primary school is a recognized best primary school in their area, in his class, all the students all test certificates. Lu said his mother most of son's certificate exam, "the boy lessons well in the class, math, English and Chinese are ranked in the top few children now is a four-year, it is estimated that five year of certificate should be nearly 40".
Talk about child research, land-mother had deep feelings: "since kindergarten, we are frequent visitors to various classes, kindergarten thinking, learn English, learn pinyin you in order to get into a good elementary school, primary school, and math classes, English classes and calligraphy, writing classes, piano lessons ... ... Kids really don't have much time to play with the children, and I have almost no weekends. "
In addition, Roger LUK just research in 4 years has spent more than 50,000 yuan. Land mother said: "light in Austrian number Shang on spent has more than 20,000 more Yuan, children from a grade Xia half semester on began learn Austrian number, autumn class, and spring class, and summer class, and winter class a are didn't falls, once costs is 1500 Yuan around, one years down will more than 6,000 more Yuan, if is Shang short-term race class of spent, one years at least 7000 Yuan above. While not an insignificant cost, 4 years almost every weekend outside an English training course costs more than 8000 Yuan a year. Children over 3 years of writing courses cost more than 5000 Yuan. "
[Chaos II • low age]
6 children apply for oral English level equivalent to junior high school "I here there have been 6 years old get a four star child, it was amazing! "General Qian Xinming of the foreign language proficiency test Office recalled the scene:" this grandma is back to examination, next to his mother. Because small children, need teachers to hold at the time of the exam in order to get on the Chair. Test the case is the first time, so the impression is especially deep. I was also worried that children are too young to use a computer keyboard, but the children were said to have been used, and finally he successfully test a four star speaking. You know four stars through, means the equivalent of junior high school graduation in spoken English. "
According to Qian Xinming understanding, mother of child research, full-time counselling at home, other kids to get four stars in order to get into a good middle school, and the child's mother is to get children into a good school.
"In recent years, the general trend of young star young learners English test is very obvious. "Qian Xinming said, many parents want their kids to have as soon as possible to get certificate of English, and some parents hold even if the test does not make your child hone ideas, so that early training had started kindergarten children.
Mr Xu's children read only first grade this year, but in kindergarten, will get the equivalent of grade school English oral proficiency certificate. Although children's achievement to be proud of, but Mr Tsui admitted that textual criticism too hard really, two stars vocabulary is very large, Cary for three big box vocabulary words the child all grasp, for only a few years old are not easy.
Advanced research such phenomena can be found in all kinds of competitions, research. Study students mathematics capacity of "in the ring Cup" organization party one of, and youth technology reported of Lin Qiankang told reporter, was "in the ring Cup" of entries object has been is primary school four grade to junior high school II grade of students, is because parents have playing ahead of volume, hope let more small of children also can participate in, from 2009 began, game of entries object ahead of to has primary school three grade.
Many parents said staff now each child so many certificates, just ahead, "" whose certificates have been given earlier.
[Market research]
"Small rose early" research numerous, "gold" by mouth English Austrian number certificate most by parents sought after in primary school language number outside three subject in the, English may is test level, and research and game type up of subject, since English grade exam canceled yihou, General children English star test of certificate on into has parents eye in the of "incense Bobo", only last year one years on has more than 100,000 people candidates registered for the. In the minds of parents, math award certificates are many certificates in gold top and most attractive. Like "Central Cup", "want a cup" contest, are civil, but the award certificates, has always been regarded by the vast number of parents and students enhance "rose" competitive "weapon", thus being gobbled up. Insiders told reporters, "the Central Cup" is harder than the higher, not every student can attend, but even so, the annual number of participants there are forty thousand or fifty thousand people.
In addition, there are piano, dance and other arts grading, and a variety of "tri-mode" competition, the robot competition, radio competition, photography competition. How the value of this type of certificate depends on the test unit or sponsoring organization, as well as the scale of the game. Among them, the piano grading test of Shanghai Musicians Association, Odyssey of the Mind, national youth science creation competition level is highest.
However, industry insiders say, young small stages of examination, research a variety, but really high gold content, not much.
Pupils hot research list language class "in Shanghai and Hong Kong Cup" writing small expert site composition Invitational, and national elementary and middle school students language capacity race, and "colorful Cup" site composition game, and Shanghai City pupils site composition game mathematics class in the ring Cup elementary and middle schools thinking capacity training activities trials, and go beauty Cup (full name "into wonderful of mathematics Garden"), and "hope Cup" mathematics Invitational, and "small smart Cup" mathematics race, and Spring Bud Cup (contains language, and number, and outside), and mathematics King, and "Hua luogeng Gold Cup" juvenile mathematics Invitational (referred to "China Cup"), Singapore-Asia-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad invitational tournaments, national mathematics contest English General English star exams and the Cambridge young learners English, "communication Cup" contest, popular science English contest for pupils of primary and middle school students English listening, Shanghai primary and middle school students "young scientists" a English arena events, national English contest for pupils

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