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Senior parents will reads: holiday information

"Winter vacation, what materials I want to collect and how to collect it? "January 17, Gao Sansheng held in Beijing guangqumen middle school parents meeting parents are most concerned about this kind of problem. The school's assistant principals, teacher of Mu Xiuying said Gao Sansheng has entered the State of intense study, away from information about the entrance examination. Holiday collection 5 college enrollment information available to parents in order to advance into the role of a good staff for their children.
Collecting child district ranking information. After the end of final exams around, district and County rankings will be out, parents need to focus on the final exam, understand the children's performance in school ranking. Because the final exam be useful for candidates to declare their voluntary, and candidates find deficiencies, identify weaknesses, and improve performance is critical, so, parents know their child's grades qualifying time after class and grade head of communication, understand the situation of children in order to give the child some valid suggestions.
Collecting enrollment information. Currently, the published 2011 art class, elite athletes in colleges and universities enrollment, admission, independent recruitment, artistic students admissions information. Parents should help their children to collect this type of information in colleges and universities and learn about admissions policies, admissions, MBA, teacher characteristics, culture, and so on. Characteristics of parents with children, bringing together useful information provided to children as a reference. General information about March or April launched in University, parents should help children collect materials prepared in advance. In this type of information before the parent enrollment, grades and other information that can be collected in previous years, generally look at enrollment.
Collect professional information. When filling, choose what kind of professional is important to candidates. In previous years, some candidates in college because they do not like the professional school. Therefore, parents should according to the child's personality, hobbies and interests, advance University professional, including specialty features, faculty, admission conditions in previous years. Different universities of the same specialty courses, and graduate job prospects and fate to know, filling prepared in advance for their children.
Collect information about the test. After the Spring Festival, many College Art classes focusing on test, parents should help children gather to apply for college exam time. Timing and uniform testing of high level athletes in Beijing in March, sports competition winners and rank athlete testing, foreign-language interviews and sports specialty examination schedule in April. Parents to help their children pay attention to significant point in time, let the children participating in the test preparation work.
Collect medical information. In early March, candidates who take the test will also undergo a medical examination. Physical examination after the candidates participating in the examination will receive a report containing a medical examination table and register for professional advice. Parents to help their children read this important material, read the examination results. Parents, in addition to carefully read the General college entrance examination guidelines, but also take into account that you want to register for the College's enrollment in the special requirements for physical conditions, for the children in advance prepare filling.

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