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Senior parents: empathic listening and promoting effective communication

With the college entrance examination approaches, Gao Sansheng psychological pressure is growing. Special needs parents to communicate effectively with children and sharing, to help children relieve stress. How to communicate effectively with their children? Recommendations relating to teachers, high school parents should learn to empathic listening.
Gao Sansheng Chen (not his real name) recently was always unhappy. Two days ago, mother found that Chen had been sitting in his room in a daze of nothing. Mother is worried about her daughter and asked what she is not in school. Chen of depression for several days, her mother asked, finally revealed his anguish. It turned out that her day at school, and at the same table was a little awkward, I was very bored. Chen did not expect is that the mother responded with disdain, that little is not worth bothering, told Chen not only because it affect learning.
According to reports, the top three long now there is a problem in communicating with children. For example, when talking to children, and some parents have listened very intently. Some parents haven't even heard children say things interrupted, comments. Some parents a child is pettiness is impatient, and sent the child in a few words. It is easy to hurt a child's self-esteem, to keep children with their parents later said in her mind, it would be more difficult.
Bayi high school psychology teacher Pei Wang suggested that high when the parents communicate with their children, should learn empathy, listening. Parents should convey to the children themselves are willing to stand in the perspective to understand what kids say, truly understand the child's feelings. At the time of communication with their children, and three parents said don't be selfish, and should listen to the children what to say and how to say it. The parents want to understand what happened, but also to observe the child's emotions and understand the feelings and aspirations of children and so on. This is the empathic listening, listening to help parents more accurately grasp the child's psychological state, communication would be better.
Listen, the parents have to have eye contact with children, keeping the best of the body leaning forward, do not lay on the sofa, otherwise it makes children feel their parents in high position, not easy to Exchange.
Empathy is also called empathy, and empathy. Parents listening is very important to achieve the level of empathy with the child. Parents if you don't do this, easy to make children feel that parents do not understand him, don't know what he is going through all, or does not care about his affair.

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