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Parents must read: need to know ten family precepts

In every aspect of the family is very important for the healthy growth of children and the influence of personality. Parents should take cultivating perfect personality as family education center, attach importance to and strengthen the cultivation of good moral child, ring removed would adversely affect behavior in the family, so as to construct the perfect personality of the child. Family education are listed below in the "ten commandments", to ensure that children can grow up in a healthy psychological environment, parents get to see yo!
1. don't look down upon the children "you are so stupid! "Or" you're wood people? "Once looked down upon when the children blurted out, can damage the child's self-esteem, to weaken the child's self-concept.
2. don't scare kids using intimidation as a way to discipline a child, could also weaken his self-concept.
If the parents say: "the next time you do this again, and you look good! "Or" your brother again, Mommy will kick your ass. "
Whenever a child listening to these words, they fear bad, and a fear to parents 3. don't bribe your child some parents promise their children if good grades in school, what to buy, to stimulate motivation, it's not a good idea. Such bribery raises the child driving forces from inside towards outside. He is not learning for learning built up good ideas, but to material rewards. This is not conducive to children setting a good study purpose.
4. don't force children to promise "next time not"
Children make mistakes, mother polar said: "OK, now you have to promise me that you're no longer dare it. "After a while, relapse, my mother felt deceived, Bate scolds:" you promised your mother, how bad? "
MOM know that promises are meaningless to children. Promises and threats are a pair, the child will not play an active role. If hit sensitive children, forcing him to promise it will make him make mistakes and feel sad again. Even if the children are not too sensitive, will also make the child double.
5. don't over child protection supervision over the inspection on the protection children will limit the child's self-concept, weaken the child's autonomy. Because when too much parental supervision of children's behavior, and also tell the child: "you can't take care of themselves. "
Most parents of young children to care for I am not very confident. We should put "as long as the child can do and never replace" as a motto. So as to gradually develop the child's ability to fend for themselves.
6. don't nag nag too much for children will make the children feel their parents think that he has the ability to understand things, over time, the child will dislike unpleasant feeling. In fact, organized to explain things to the child, will enhance the child's confidence and self-esteem.
7. do not force children to blindly obey others immediately if you want the child to put the things he is doing, and listen to you do anything else, his reaction was not pleased. Parents should be warned of their child, later asked him what to do, for example: "small, almost ten minutes later, you eat! "At the same time, they can also allow the child to obey the order until there a little freedom to complain, say:" Oh, MOM, I must now come in? "
Children immediately and blind obedience, to nurture independent and self-regulating people, this main method is invalid.
8. don't children spoil children is not good for children. For children to grow up sooner or later-years-people, to society, some workable things at home, and outside it is difficult to say.
Therefore, the children will only deprive children of their potential development opportunities, prevented him from becoming competent, independent, and able to adjust to people.
9. inconsistent rules for not disciplining the children, some parents with their own poker free to establish rules, same action sometimes was fine, sometimes I go by him. This will make the child feel confused.
Children need you to use a consistent, credible and reliable rules to teach you to use a consistent, credible and reliable rules to educate him.
10. do not set rules not age-appropriate if you want a two-year-olds and five-year-olds behave will only make him feel incompetent.
Because you expect from him, is his age impossible behavior. His ideas have a very bad effect.

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