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More homework, students stay up all night to finish

9:35 yesterday, 14, Jamie began to wash was getting ready for bed, for him, this is a rare early to bed at night, but he apparently has not adapted to the "happiness", all ready to move significantly slower until I fell asleep-he's fantasizing can persuade their mother to allow him to play a little game on the Internet. "Usually is more than 11 points to sleep anyway, I have developed the biological clock. "
And her mother strongly disagreed: "assignments, sleep late and there is no way they got a chance to go to bed early, that is with open eyes, and I lay on the bed! "10:30, when the MOM quietly into Sean's room when he saw the" fight "lost son breathing evenly, apparently asleep. "Starting from tomorrow, he prematurely at 6 o'clock, 11 o'clock in the evening of life, sometimes I worry, specifically his sleep has an impact on health in the future. "
Jamie MOM isn't the only one by one for worried parents, children lack of sleep. Now, a lot of students and school pupils go to sleep after 10 o'clock time has dragged on into the night, let them light boil is not television, the Internet, but those who seems to never finish the job. Children must assume the supervision of parents and teachers take much, homework and extracurricular classes eat up too much of their time and energy.
"Just on the first day, 11 o'clock could finish the job, they celebrate the"
Are the parents accompany children to stay up late, adore their kids at the same time, also are worried about the present situation of education.
Li Qing (former 8-year secondary school language teacher, son just on the first day):
New year's holiday for three days, he wrote three days work, didn't go to bed last night about 12 points, before that day, I accompanied him to write homework until 1 o'clock in the morning, no spirit to work the next day. I was just pondering child how can attentive in class?
Child's homework from math, English and the language of three section. Home from school every day in between 5:30 and 6, when fewer jobs, I would let him go to sleep, wake up again for dinner, when there is much work that I let the child rest, he refused and got home when it began to write.
Night from 7:30 to 11:30, is our homework niangerliang time. Math teacher for extra examination papers every day, the same problems sometimes require different solutions of equations, this difficulty of conversion for a child not of thinking small. English homework time was mainly spent on Cloze and reading comprehension, both of these questions is my son's learning difficulties are at least an hour a day.
In addition, homework can sometimes be very difficult. I worked as a language teacher, this is still a little voice. Many reading questions I can't answer, let alone children sometimes half a day long to figured out the answer, kids bring it back the next day to say no and have to explain, I face a small, limit their children's thinking is really frustrating.
Zhu Hongying (her daughter high school II):
I'm used to sleep only after the child is 11 o'clock. My daughter is very sensible, good boy, I have seen a lot of her evening schedule, job not many children about 1.5 hours to complete. Less than half the remainder of is knowledge of the difficulties before the review, questions they do twice a deeper impression, most of the time in preparing tomorrow's course.
Over the years, saying that is a burden to the child, and textbooks are compressed crushing, the book on one of the points in the earlier books may have to speak more than 10 pages, dry a point right now where books do not know how that result. I heard children say, ahead of their classmates are feeling if you don't go to see outside references, is no longer bright students, classes are pretty much like hieroglyphics, difficult to understand.
Children just Shang high when, also not is too tension, she like English, night free time often find large of English book, and newspaper to reading, also listening to many English broadcast, sometimes also take with learn language of name see those soundtrack of large, I are didn't block, now she fundamental didn't time to development himself of hobby has, most like of English because scores OK, on basically not took out time specifically see. Well, I'm sad for the children, managed a little interest in the subjects, but don't have the time to learn, and ran the full development, the child's characteristics and personality in where?
"The primary five, I advise children to cherish every day, early to bed to sleep, like that in the future the"
Currently there are also parents who let children rest, while some lucky to enjoy this small happiness, while nervously waiting for the next coming, can't escape the late life.
Tian Feng (son 5 years):
Grade 5 is a snag, 9 children to complete homework before bed, 10 points is the norm now, do to 11 points there.
My son more than 4 points home from school, go home and do some homework first, then let him see 15-30 minutes of children's programming. After dinner, and then concentrate on homework. Not allowing children to a little relaxation time is not enough, the child he is not a machine, nor does he went straight to work after school. A bit frustrated as they are now, reluctant to go to school. Also, usually 5 days of classes, weekend classes for two days, were not idle, children can not annoying? But more so, which children are afraid not to go, to be honest, I kind of adore their kids, where childhood Ah!
Lin Han (son of 6 grade, was up early struggles):
My son is deft, almost 9 o'clock you will finish the job, then I would urge him to go to sleep, while they were growing, and I think sleep is very important and sometimes didn't finish, I'll ask him the next day at 5 in the morning to write, won't let him stay up all night. I always say to him, while it will also going to sleep now, cherish it, as the high school, some like that.
In fact, let the children stay up late doing homework, really bad. You see my son, to about 8:30 in General, the eyes have blurred, mental concentration, which let him after learning he won't go in, learning quality there is no, and really let him keep the good spirit during the day to lectures. However, to be honest, I was worried about my son that will develop the habit of goes to bed at 9 o'clock in the evening, a time clock to remind him to sleep, this school can do?
"Kids today seem to be created out of chemical fertilizer plant, the heart is empty"
Children's pressure was so heavy, parents both love and fear: children not allowed to work overtime, the fear of children's performance to keep up a large force; let the child add some extra special treatment and afraid of reverse psychology. Besides, may affect a child's mental health, long has negative effects on children's health.
Dupeng (doctor of traditional Chinese medicine):
Children should go to bed any time, and not particularly clear statement, but it is still just as adults do, of course, compared with adults, children's sleep time should be slightly higher. According to the movements of the Sun as much as possible in all men the best time to schedule your sleep, the sun rises early morning, the Sun would have to go to bed early, follow the laws of heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, after 10 o'clock in the evening on which is best for sleep time.
Once the baby is getting enough sleep, appears not only concentration, growth will also be affected. Lack of sleep, kidney damage, and kidney and bone marrow, brain is sea of marrow, once the kidney Yin deficiency, brain mental development will certainly be affected. In addition, many parents take their children to our Institute do an examination, said the child's inattention in class, such a child through our examination, many are kidney-deficiency. If the children can concentrate on doing things, not just personal habits, many are actually has a physical basis, not purely pathological manifestations. Moreover, the children can sleep well, mental state before sleeping with him, if he had before going to bed to catch the job anxiety tomorrow, dismissed, or course, which has a great influence on the quality of his sleep, because "panic injured", even to sleep, his kidney is also not good.
Many teachers now limited by hard targets, give the child decorate a large number of jobs, high rates, graduation rates, but neglected the health of children, parents also give their children add nutrients, but you do not let them rest, which will lay a good foundation, because diet and sleep are two material base of growth, only one is enough. Now, many kids like to use fertilizers created out of plants, appearance well-groomed, but deep down is empty, no longer solid.

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