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Junior high school son suddenly became a little hedgehog

Xiao Yi is 12 years old and is a junior high school student. According to his mother, child Sun, honest, sensible, kind, careful, always remembering family birthdays. Xiao Yi's father graduated from a famous University, is now a successful career, strict to Xiao Yi. Mother is an ordinary worker, very easygoing. One day, Xiao Yi, accompanied by her mother down the Advisory.
He recently has a great temper, untouchable Xiao Yi was very good, extraordinary intelligence, knows thousands of words in kindergarten, was a child herself. Xiao Yi also is sensitive to figures, his broad interests, and read a number of Chinese and foreign masterpieces. Junior high school one to enter a good school. When I first came into the junior preparatory class and his grades slipped, but the end of the semester before he rose to class ten. Xiao Yi normally pretty good in all aspects, but from the second half of the class term, his mood swings is serious, this is unprecedented. Today, Xiao Yi's temper can be "angry" to describe, little things can be argued to struggle against. Later he will realize that his temper broke my family, apologize, and repeat, but soon will.
During the first half of the first term, Xiao Yi again temper, once, when jobs drag, been scolded by the father, Xiao Yi could not help but cry and scream, and confrontation with his father, mood can't be calm. We don't understand how Xiao Yi became an untouchable Hedgehog, stabbed at a touch.
People change, cannot suddenly occurred. At the request of me, little taken mother begin to remember his childhood.
He is very good, is a good student I am little taken when response was, the first 4 months of little food, always drip, a few months after the situation improved and ate a lot. Then a caesarean section birth to Xiao Yi, eat breast milk for 3 months, I go to work, little taken by my aunt to take up to two years. My aunt liked Xiao Yi, held day and night sleeping Xiao Yi. Xiao Yi two years later by the grandmother, then sleep must be someone, would not be able to fall asleep. That habit has continued for a long time.
Xiao Yi rarely a child crying, always smiling. Cousin to Xiao Yi Zhao cried photograph, but how come she captures him not to cry and give up. Xiao Yi's character is very good, love people, kindergarten and elementary school before grade four, are smooth. Xiao Yi is a strong target children, study habit is also very good, after coming home will be the first time to finish homework, efficiency is very high. Therefore, performance is relatively stable. He served as captain in the primary school, well-adjusted students in high esteem. Sometimes teachers will rely on Xiao Yi to complete some tasks.
Small taken four grade Shi, for has a class, on small taken is robs, so five grade Shi he no was selected Shang big captain, small taken on this is has mood, frustrated through has, even even school are didn't want to to has, in we of persuaded Xia, mood only slowly get has adjustment, also can soon face reality, continues to good learning, active tie teacher of work, in students in the formed is high of prestige. Because of these actions, later the teacher changed the views of Xiao Yi's primary school before graduation, Xiao Yi was named the outstanding young pioneers in Shanghai.
Preparatory classes next semester, mood changes when entering junior high, little taken into a middle school, the learning environment is different, the students are very conscientious and good, by contrast, Xiao Yi was not highlighted. Initial exam, his grades were not ideal, but he is very strong, after two months of study, Xiao Yi quickly adapted to the environment, began to significantly improve learning achievement, the end of the semester, entered the top ten of our class. In response, Xiao Yi was quite satisfactory, harder, harder.
Unexpectedly, the changes taking place in the preparatory classes next semester, Xiao Yi obvious changes in mood. He was very impatient, always want to yell, job start procrastinating, learning efficiency decreased sleep time, sleep late at night, the morning hangover. Told him to get up in the morning to go to school like a "purgatory" so hard, so difficult. I asked other students heard their home job can be completed in half an hour or so, but Xiao Yi takes 2.5 hours per day, dragged late into the night. Academic performance began a marked decline, and Xiao Yi has no incentive to change. In this way, we feel he's getting more and more annoyed to learn more and more slack. We'd like to help him, but nothing.

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