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Girl ill parents say test the exam stress

The morning of 24th, Hefei senior teaching quality inspection for the first time (commonly known as "die") examination. However language examinations in the morning after the end of a schoolgirl came home headaches feet symptoms. Parents believe that children come to this is caused by the test pressure is too great.
Yesterday about 12 o'clock noon, a parent nervous carrying the students pledge to Hefei city people's hospital emergency room. Girls lay on the ambulance stretcher shortness of breath, girl's mother kept her hands stroked his back so that she can breathe more easily. Was lucky, after a preliminary diagnosis of the physician, the girl is not too much of a problem. According to reports, the girl was elevated intracranial pressure due to tension and oppression to the brain and cause headaches.
It is understood that the girls high school seniors named Sasha (a pseudonym), went to Hefei. Yesterday morning, she attended the "module" language examination, returned home after an exception, a really bad headache, numb feet, barely able to walk. Sasha's father said, children too much pressure on the situation because of the exam, test the night before, she had insomnia, two o'clock in the morning and no sleep, along with loss of appetite and irritability and other symptoms.

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