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Expert guidance: busy white-collar workers to be the best parent tips

John child quality time Beijing, experts say, since the kids came, had not played at home TV show. His argument is, when most kids are watching TV, not doing too much thinking, mostly passive acceptance of programme producers set the topic. In addition, if you watch TV for too long, much less time for parent-child interaction. Family for so many years lost the fun of watching TV shows, but the habit of dialogue, discussion, reading habits.
Squat down and child experts say, many parents and teachers are always in his capacity as the preacher in the treatment of children, such education is not equal, could not achieve the desired results. To change this, an important principle to follow, is to squat down and the child. Squatting down and the child's eye level exchanges, when in character with your children on equal, equal exchange is possible. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of innovation works, Lee says, and parents if their kids just sitting in front of elders, children would become conservative and timid, passive and obedient. Such a child 30 years ago businesses were popular, but obsolete today.
Lifelong learning John experts also say parents Beijing, no born successful parent or parents who did not need to learn, from the perspective of lifelong education, everyone lives in the study. Therefore, the family is not the same as parents how to educate their children, but to make every Member of the family to learn how in this family among themselves to learning and lifelong learning.

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