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Child school wronged parents how to help

Children suffering wrong at school, how can parents do? first is to let children out grievances. Many children at the school were wronged because younger, inability to express or not express, tend not to say, or want to say and don't know what to say, this can lead to the long-term psychological pressure.
At this time, parents if you are not careful, ignore the child's emotional, this injustice is likely to cause psychological trauma of the child, have an impact on children's health and personality. Therefore, parents need to listen to the child's grievance, children express. In addition, parents do not speak the truth suppressed children's emotions. Parents communicate with their children in the process, it's easy to make "reasonable" error, in fact, justified expressions of suppressed towards the children, the children will feel that they should have been doing, and should not do, so more like a mistake. If empathy, adult encounter such things also handled properly, may also make the mistake should not be made. Children are small, even if done well, done should not, is reasonable. Parents do not require adult for children, much less say "you should do that" or "you should do that".
In emotional processing, parents to guide their children in particular expressed anger about it. Anger is one of the most easy to suppress emotion and suppressed anger against the growth of the child is. Parents to avoid child to teachers, future teachers for their attitude, tends to defuse the anger of teachers to children or suppressed, do not encourage children to express anger, this is actually a misunderstanding. If you go into this myth, children even seemingly obedient, will tend to accumulate anger turned inside, "the teacher was wrong" to "I was wrong", so that the child self evaluation to reduce, cause back and slack, not concentrate on my studies. If objectively teachers hurting kids, MOM just needs to get to the children, do children strong support instead of too many scruples, avoided contact with the school. For parents looking for schools to explain the situation is a protection of the dignity of the child.
But the parents do not have to take "begging" approach, but rather to have a calm attitude, in particular, to let children know how to solve the situation, eliminate the influence of teachers, students of misunderstanding on the minds of children. Make the child feel that they are not alone and makes children in resolving "grievance" gradually learn to judge for themselves in the process of thinking, cultivate failing to calm, healthy.

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