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12 family taboo

First, avoid spoiled spoiled opening not far from "good", eating, dressing their pick, will develop children's wayward personalities. Father "son-drowning-son-son by mistake", which is often wrong in real life some of the teenagers of trilogy.
Second, avoid take sides indulge in daily life, children do something wrong in public, parents knowingly wrong, is shelter and cover for a variety of reasons, the result would make the child unable to deal with shortcomings and mistakes.
Third, avoid spoofing some of the parents for peace, at fabricating lies to deceive the children, so that their children make children follow the father, becomes dishonest.
Forth, avoid sarcasm sarcasm to the child they thought they could "stimulate" progress, the result was the opposite.
V, avoid hard on parents who "take much" perfectionist, up slightly by the way reprimanded, children disoriented, depressed, a long time, and children may go to the opposite way.
VI, avoid letting.
Without the guidance and education for children, drift, as it is, not the parental responsibility, with unforeseeable consequences.
Finally, avoid abuse of corporal punishment in real life, some parents take the instructions "do not spoil the" credo, could not convince, but abuse, corporal punishment, results not only to education purposes, but damage the child's self-esteem tends to make its relationship with parents opposition.
Eighth bogey of inattention to let your child choose appropriate exercise, develop their concentration, ability to concentrate on completing a job, training child perserverance. Rather than repeatedly asked the children to replace the active content.
Ninth, avoid lack of ability to adapt to training children's ability to adapt to the environment, which is beneficial to children's development.
Tenth, to avoid uncontrolled force training children learn to control their emotions, including control of their unreasonable demands and wishes.
Third bogey melancholic silence is to train children to optimistic and humorous personality.
12th, avoid dependence made the children undergo a certain degree of difficulty, let it learn to overcome obstacles, from body and mind (personality and physique) two aspects of training. Independent ability from an early age, children are key to children's mental health.

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