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The ten points of advice is about to enter high school students

Everyone entering from middle school into high school, will certainly feel inadequate. In junior high school we were the best, remember getting admission in excited mood, one gate of ambition, there really is a feeling of exclusive; but it is possible for a semester, succumbing after a few rounds, and involuntarily give birth to a people dominating I cannot lose. This sense I think it's natural because we entered high school, learning is developed into a new stage. New materials, new teaching requirements, before you set a difficulty. So many students in many aspects there have been many as well.
Some suggestions to the characteristics of high school learning for everyone, it may be helpful to students ' learning.
First, to change the concept of junior, in particular junior, through a lot of practice, can make your grades have significantly improved, this is because the Middle knowledge is relatively simple and easy to master, through repeated practice and improve proficiency, you can improve the performance, even if this is the case, there is understanding of some issues were deep enough and even that doesn't understand. In junior high school when asked |a|=2 for example, a is equal to what very few mistakes in the exam, but after entering high school, the teacher asked, if |a|=2 and a<0, then a is equal to what, even school students some students answered without thinking: a=2. Illustrates the problem. Theoretical, abstract and strong high school curriculum, then it needs some work on the understanding of the knowledge, to think, more research, to explore concepts each and every problem.
Second, we must develop or improve self-learning ability in new curriculum in senior high school education with special emphasis on making students lifelong learning desire and ability, based on the ability of self-study is, foster habits is the key to cultivate self-study ability. Most of the students are under the supervision of teachers in junior high school, no habit, but after entering high school teachers on students individual supervision and decrease instead is the guidance of learning method. This requires students to strengthen learning abilities. First, the learning need to be backed up by strong willpower. Learning process the first time do not understand, will think about it do not understand the reason. If due to previously learned knowledge has no master review recap and watch it a second time, until read so far, does not have a strong willpower is not enough and, secondly, to write and read at, the ring of the ring, the point of the point, the mind in mind. This will not only keep you from daydreaming and force your looking for positive thinking and important points, thereby improving reading efficiency; and, third, to be good at sums, to outline the main contents and the methods listed in this section, make the level of memory; IV, should be good knowledge to practice, mainly the problem through practice to consolidate knowledge and deeper understanding. I think we should be a learning process from knowledge to practice contradiction--recognition – practice, such a cyclic process.
Three, and to seriously lectures first, to in self-study (or preview) of based Shang with problem to lectures, in eager to wants to found problem answers of desire of driven Xia you of lectures efficiency must will is high; second, is you was class zhiqian this section class of content will has also to seriously listening to, listening to teacher is how on these problem description of, and explained of, is from which several angle to analysis of, you not think teacher that simple accurate of language, and image of metaphor, and closely of reasoning not is you by lack of did? So you would have certainly benefited from this class. Third, pay attention to course material preparation and mental preparation before, to avoid things like books, the absent-minded in class, class should not do too much sports or reading small books, play chess, cards, heated debates and so on, so as notto still panting, can't calm down. Last, is listening to concentrate on. Focus is dedicate classroom learning, to ears, eyes, heart, mouth and hands. Ear: just listen, listen to the teacher carefully, how to analyze, summarize, in addition, but also to listen to the students a question and answer session to see if to inspire yourself. Eyes: is to listen while reading a textbook and writing on the Blackboard, look at the teacher's face, gestures and demonstration movements, vivid and profound teachers to express thoughts. To: was thinking hard, follow the teacher's ideas, analyze how teacher focus and solve problems. Mouth: is under the guidance of their teacher, volunteered to answer questions or to participate in the discussion. To: is to listen, watch, think, say, drawn on the basis of the text focuses on, write down the points of the lectures, as well as their own feelings or ideas of creative thinking. If you can do the above "five", the energy will be highly concentrated, classroom learn all the important content will be impressed in his mind.
Four, artful note taking class notes to avoid two extremes: not bear one is silly, such a consequence is either asleep or absent-minded; the second is the teacher's examples, it is a word for Word copy of, while at the same time ignoring the penetrating analysis of the teacher. Of note is to remember, but what? I think (1) Lecture note points of views as well as their own feelings or creative thinking, (2) typical example and remember important ideas, and (3) did not understand the problem. All points in the lecture, concise way of thinking made records, for reviewing, digesting and thinking.
, Review and summarize the work of five 1. timely review. After the lecture that day, must be prepared to review the same day. Time in study hall or before and after meals, is when you eat can also recall the content of learning in class. Effective way to review is not a reading or note over and over again, but memories-review: first notes together memory books, school teacher, analysis examples of ideas, methods and so on (while thinking on the draft to write about) trying to complete. And open notes and books, in comparison with what other didn't remember, to fill it up, making classes the same day to consolidate, and check the effect of the day's attendance, but also for improving listening methods and improve the effect of class make the necessary improvement measures.
2. Unit review. Stage should be carried out after learning a unit to review, review can also adopt memories review, which should complete the section, write on the card section, in order to review with anytime and anywhere on the body.
3. Summary of the unit. Unit summary should include the following sections. (1) this unit (chapter) of knowledge network; (2) chapter of basic thought and method (should to typical examples form will its expression out); (3) self experience: on chapter within himself do wrong of typical problem due records, analysis its reasons and the right answers, should records down chapter you think most has value of thinking or examples, and you also exists of not solution of problem, to future will its fill Shang.
Six, questions about the exercises many of the hopes to improve on a lot of the problem. I think this is inappropriate, "don't question how many heroes to do" important is not the problem, but the problem of higher benefits. Doing exercise aims to check that you have a firm grasp of knowledge. If you have no grasp or biased, then more questions results, instead of consolidating your imperfections, therefore, accurately grasp the basic knowledge and methods on the basis of doing a certain amount of practice is required. And for mid-range problem, Wang its to about do problem of benefits, that do problem Hou has more big harvest, this on need in do problem Hou for must of "reflection", thinking about beside the by with of based knowledge, thinking is what, why to such wants to, whether also has other idea and solution, beside the of analysis method and solution, in solutions other problem Shi, whether also with to had, put they contact up, you on will get more of experience and lessons, more important of is habit at thinking of good habits, this will greatly conducive to you future of learning. Of course no certain amount (amount of homework assigned by the teacher) skills practice cannot form, is not acceptable. In addition, it was on to the topic we cannot only be done, accuracy and perfection of the solution should also be placed in an important position. Students often felt most during the examination is not able to do, but did score rarely experience, this is the reason why you don't pay attention to do and do well. If problem can do, will do a few more problems than you score even higher.
Seven, and right treats examples listening to teacher told examples or himself see examples Shi, first don't see analysis and answers, see understand meaning Hou himself for, really not again see analysis, finished analysis Hou can made did, can on himself do a do, do not out, again see answers, see understand has again himself do, do finished again control; will do Shi finished has also to see with family of answers analysis compared. In order to really learn this example teaches us thinking. See answer and cannot read the questions, sometimes he seems to understand what, in actual fact, no DIY again you don't know the secret.
Eight, either to change the error view knowledge of the arts, some students I think learning languages no less effort, but still is the same. But learning languages is a low skilled work, have to accumulate over a day, is not overnight, usually have a study of mind, don't you realize you read newspapers, watch TV, listen to the radio while you can learn a lot of knowledge of languages? Have neither the patience, constancy is achieved a career; understanding of science, individual students that math is a waste of time, a lesson a few questions, than back a few words, look up a few words get much. People who hold this view are not known to science. First, learn science need dogged determination and persistent pursuit of the spirit of truth, explore the unknown world, seeking the natural order of the universe is not exactly science learning goals? Second, only through you really delve into what I got is something you will never forget, this includes conclusions, methods and experience. Many students is through their research with a problem and changed the attitude and even the attitude of life? ' Third, you can't work out this problem in your research on this question is not in the process of review and learned a lot of knowledge? Although you know that reaches the target the right way, but you should at least know what does not work, it will be very far from the right way? A quick buck can be done big things. Some students aren't interested in arts or science, that's where you feel her charming. "Earthworm minion-free benefits, bones and muscles strong, feeding on Egyptian soil, drinking under their lives, also. Crab six knees and two claws, non-Caverns of snake eel no sustenance, bipolar disorder. "What a metaphor is! You don't feel him and below that level the strict perfection proved to be similar to the brilliant, right?
Nine, to abandon reliance on idea may enhance the sense of responsibility we've developed everything depends on parents, school rely on the teacher's habits in junior high school as long as there is no question ask a teacher, you must not forget the teacher patiently and carefully explained, for her work attitude and professionalism is admired. But it also planted the seeds you are not independent study, developed a bad teacher is to blame for bad ideas. You can't always be in someone else's love life, work, and to know you since he came to this world as an outcast in the universe, but without any hope. Not a problem ask others to think again and think you will find most of your problems can be solved through their own efforts. Don't really want to go ask. To establish a study well my sense of responsibility.
Ten, plan on plan must have, long planned, must also have a shorter arrangement. When your life, ten-year, five-year perspective on the day, you can't help but enhance the sense of urgency, even if individual marking students will become serious, more time, more attention to change the bad habit of hesitating, procrastinating, to squeeze in more time for study. How to do it? (1) according to their actual, (2) with specific goals, and (3) to pay attention to the urgency of the task. Prevent do every day, every phenomenon could not be completed. Implementation to billing. You must have an account and write down when you do well, when wrong questions down (Note: accounts book only "subject entitled ' Memorandum ' XX page x wrong today"). When class which subjects to write down is made. Every minute of exercise in your life, learn right and wrong are recorded in your account on this, write down in school life, every day about a 32 pages of paper records, not at school may have 32 pages of paper records. During the week, and holidays must not be interrupted. Accumulating day by day your account, this is your life's path. If we were to do so, you will be an outstanding student.
Boys and girls, keep on learning summary, believe in your efforts, you will become more and more easy to learn. BACK

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