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Teach you how to understand English News

According to experts, in US English majors grade four examination, found that many students think that listening is hard. Some students are desperate to hearing, especially the news type of listening. But experts say it's really don't have to. Students of English despair because there is no clear analysis of reasons for their mistakes, and did not learn from the mistakes of experience and knowledge, results on the exam, always make the same mistake.
So are some of the ways that can help us understand the news? Experts give me today, and I hope to have some help.
(A) News limited vocabulary available in such a big world, tens of thousands of daily, so most people will think, to grasp the news related to English words, I am afraid that several thousands of, that only the news you want to finish an entire font library can approach to understand. Sounds the idea seems pretty reasonable, but made a terrible blunder, from politics to entertainment news, of course, is likely to have thousands of words, but the words every few months, even occur only once every few years, is known as the rarely used vocabulary (rare Word), such as: multilateral currency realignment (cross-currency adjustments) or planned Obsolescence (planned obsolescence), and if even these are back, that's really amazing.
(B) don't SideTrack! You do not understand not to think about it, continue to listen to believe that most of you have experienced, or English in listening to English news program, encounter a word that you don't or didn't catch the paragraphs, started thinking about its meaning, often resulting in what follows didn't catch it all. The so-called "a man cannot spin and reel", never can be heard at the same time, think in the meaning of the preceding sentence, to make it a habit, that's where you don't understand don't stop to think, listen.
Don't get a paragraph, there are a few possible reasons, there may be a learned Word, or have a special pattern, perhaps a rapid anchor broadcast, even distracted I didn't listen. No matter what reasons are, and whether it continues to listen, it is possible to understand the main contents, because 90% of the time, Miss a is not critical to the point that you cannot connect to the following, but if you thought card in the previous sentence, wiped out.
(C) not to care too much about special and difficult to understand, and the names of people in early summer 2000, Pei JI the coup d ' ├ętat, was soon declared martial law, the military leaders, even the title is the title of "Fiji military commander Commodore Frank Bainimarama" when you encounter such a situation, what should you do? Just ignore it! To be honest, most of the time on the news content does not affect, I just know that he is a State Congressional leaders will be enough. Russia a hard to read what happens in small towns in the South, and what it is he is Russia in small towns in the South, is enough for me to understand the news content. You can also try this method, not beset by complex name. Of course, important news and place names still have to familiarize yourself.
(D) is that experts say we should try to use familiar language to understand the news content the same, in the day's news before learning English, first day major international or domestic Chinese media news content, in listening to English News, much easier. Of course, this was during the study period, the getting started phase, there is no need.
(E) at the correct speed to learn professional broadcast announcer of recording on CD news is broadcast at a normal speed, because in order to really learn the news in English, if I do not understand, listen to more than once, some significant progress. However, if slower with some materials, it will always be a textbook, real news goes behind the.
(F) locking precise news as soon as I do not know if you noticed, when listening to English News, anchors often in front of the newspaper a story, similar to sentences And now in sports ... ... (Now entering the sports news), or Turning to the Middle East ... ... (To the Middle East ... ... ) Or In U.S. election race news ... ... (For United States elections news ... ... ), There is no certain format or, such a short sentence, is to make the different types of the changing nature of news.
Of course, not every news will give you the prompt before, if not, I quickly locked content and direction, if watching the news on TV, you can try to learn from the picture what kind of news is if broadcast should also could be judged from the first sentence.
(VII) often listen to constant practice you might think this simple reason alone know, but you will find that the simple truth is the most important.

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