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Students Faculty see: College, lost in the journey!

Students of my age – and hopefully eager confused, mature and rational fear of loss.
Therefore all kinds of personality tests, try to analyse ourselves, objective understanding of their own, and then becomes sensible; his understanding clearer; trying to find model suitable for your career and your life, then comes into play to work, attachment to travel, make small investments, network management, tutoring, agents, intermediaries, · · · Different professional roles in order to find a way that is best for you. What is fit, having such a description: work you don't get tired, you satisfied with such work, in short, is to own that stage values, life orientation.
Filling two years ago when the family asked like what profession, now age most afraid of being asked, what are you doing out in the future. Older children like me, are in such a State of confusion and even panic? Hope lost, so try. Was born compared mediocre, except primary school of when heroic of put statements: I grew up to Dang mathematician, wants to wants to also so of haoqi ileum, that and ever not just each children juvenile Shi of is young frivolous or said is young innocent does, only for memories in the of a sipped a laugh, later of life or not understand exploration or escape groping, was has been are no clear himself what dream is what, with said not clear, than said is forget has dream or no dream is thought has has dream, up now only came, Because the are not far away from their masters, or beyond. No exclamation Wah year perishable, alarm bells are ringing in his ear.
Dream did not change in practice? Several people insist on childhood "scientists" dream dedicated to now? With times changes, and age experience of changes, and has changes does, so I and comfort himself, and Dang I zhiqian has been has dream, now just has change just, once rational to found and objective analysis clear has dream, even just a direction, I on for of ransom forward, even rough more difficult, even at more run some not necessary of twists and turns and muddy, because I this is that horse Ming de law-abiding, fell has team of Mustang. Summer time is so valuable, because I'm trying to find my way, asked me if I would be disappointed, it is not stable. Could it not be so impatient years ago, Ming is execution is not enough, but to have a half-baked idea comfort finally came. Now impatient unchanged, the pace of change. Even immature, left at least peace of mind, an error can change. Vertical walk is a dead end of sorts is something, at least I can no longer run this way next time, next time on the road, I will be back in time. Always better than finding the hesitating, stop at the thought of mind, only this. If Tao, elegant show, a blessing to a successful step, it called happy's departure. Journey why not?
College students like me, confused with fear, hope with anxious, take the opportunity to start at any time! BACK

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