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First: handwriting asking for no elegant clean and correct, of course, something beautiful is the best! This a step can makes you not lost in same level level of students; second: composition recommends take 3 paragraph writing method, structure roughly for total total, even lines not Chang, at least structure clear, you can wants to wants to, in as mountain heap of papers pendulum in before, modified volume teacher first see is you composition of overall, if you structure disorder, content surrounded by a heap, that for you of composition scores undoubtedly is himself to himself fatal of a hit.
Third: the use of conjunctions (with common connection lower word article, is for informational purposes only. ) My correction of English writing experience: the first step to see if making clean, second subparagraph article, third, whether the proper use of connectives, the fourth interception three sentences in view of their use whether the sentence is too simple, full text of tenses are consistent. So with high marks and connected with a good word is a big key. How to use it? First of all these connections in mind the meaning of the word, then each paragraph first, paragraph, pursuant to paragraph added. If not directly, you can design a sentence and then increases. "Selling" can also be a good idea! Of course more reading, learning how good articles are using linking words, is quite big. So reading is enormous.
Part IV: simple sentences and complex sentences as possible in the proportional distribution of the full text at 1:1, should not have full-text General simple sentences. That's 18 points difference between composition and composition of more than 22 points. As for how of complex sentence, those learned from subject, object, adverbial, appositives, and so on, and each sentence to find more advanced grammar and vocabulary. So-called advanced grammar and vocabulary necessary to avoid too simple, and avoid too esoteric, and recommendations for use of vocabulary. You now say, second-year middle school, you can learn in advance the third knowledge, junior learned sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and apply it in two days of the examination.
Experience in these things on my papers for your suggestion is for reference only!
The following is a summary of some common conjunctions:
1.   parallel and reciprocal or choose conjunctions, such as and,both....and,as well as neither ... nor,or, either.. Or, and so on.
2. Adversative conjunctions, but, yet, while however, such as on the contray,on the other hand, 3. Represent the result of conjunctions, such as for,so,therefore,as a result, because of, due to,owing to, thanks to, and so on.
4. Chronologically, and in conjunction, such as ar first, then,later, meanwhile,in the end,finally,after that, since then,for the first time,at last,as soon as,the next moment.
5 indicates that the time sequence of conjunctions, such as ontheright/left,totheright/leftof,ononesideof...,inthemiddle/centerof and so on.
6, which means explaining conjunctions, such as that is (to say), in other words,such as, for example,for instance,and so on, and so on.
7, said progressive conjunctions, such as what''smore/worse,what''sbetter,besides,inddition,worsestill,moreover,aboveall,notonly...butalso and so on.
8, said a summary of the conjunction, as in short,in brief,in a Word, on the whole, to sum up2.  ) connectors (1) select the relationship or equivalence of conjunctions: either...or...,neither...nor, or, as well as ..., and, both...and. ...
(2) cause and effect relationships or equivalence of conjunctions, such as:therefore,so,asaresult,astheresultof...,becauseof,dueto...,owingto,thanksto.
(3) the time sequence of connective:themoment,assoonas,atfirst,then,later,meanwhyle,atthebeginning,intheend,beforelong,forthefirst(second... ) Time, the minute, and so on.
(4) table adversative conjunctions: yet, and yet, but, while, on the contrary, on the other hand, however, at the same time (yet), and so on.
(5) the table explaining conjunctions: that is, that is to say, in other words, such as, for instance, and so on, etc. and the like, and so on.
(6) table progressive connection of words, such as:notonly...but(also),what,Smore,what''sworse,besides,Inaddition,worsestill,moreover,aboveall.
(7) represents a connection summary words: in a Word, on the whole, in short, briefly, in brief, to sum up, in all.
(B), sentence 1, be worth doing it is worth doing ... ... 2 and be busy doing busy doing ... ... 3, do too ... ... To do ... ... 4, so+adj./Adv. as to do ... ... That 5, Ittakessb.sometimetodosth. Take someone ... ... Time to do some 6, SB.spends some time doing sth. Someone to spend ... ... 7, It is+adj.+for SB to do sth. to do sth. Someone to do something is ... ... 8、It''s up to sb. to do sth. Up to 9, SB SB to do sth. have some difficulty/trouble in doing sth. Someone to do something hard 10, The more...the more ... More ... ... More ... ... 11、It''s no good/use doing sth. Do something not good/useful.
12, SB.candonothingbutdosth.=havenochoicebuttodo no laws, only 13, There be/lie/stand/live to do something ... ... ... 14、be about to do sth. when... Was about to do something ... ... 15、It was not long before... Soon ... ... It will not be long before... It won't be long before ... ... 16, It is+ time +since ... ... ... Since there are ... ... 17, It is said that ... It is said that ... ... 18、not...until/till... Until ... ... Only 19, imperative +and/or+ clauses (future tense) 20 adjectives or nouns + infinitives, subject +find/consider/think+it+ 21, so+adj./Adv.+that ... ... That such+n.+that ... 22, why not why not do sth do ... ... Then?
why do sth. Why do ... ...?
23, subjects, +hit/strike/beat/touch/grasp/seize/catch...+SB. 24, a noun prepositions +the+ parts of the body It''stimetodosth./It,stime+sb.didsth. 25, SB to do sth. devote oneself/one''s life to sth./doing. 26, It is committed to doing sth happened that,.../SB.happened to do sth. It happens ... ... 27, It is/was+ be stressed parts +that/who ... 28, I don''t think/believee/suppose/expect+that clause denying move 29, would like to do may want to do something feel like doing something had better (not) to do sth'd better (not) would rather do prefer doing sth to doing ... ... 30、There is no doing sth. No need to do ... ... 31, +have no idea+ he did not know the subject ... ... 32, I doubt whether+ I suspect ... ... I don''t doubt that+ I have no doubt ... ... + 33, no matter when/where/what/who/whether/how+ clause main clause ... ... 34、what/who/where/ you think... What/who/where/when do you think ... ... 35, used to do in the past often do sth be used to doing are accustomed to do something as soon as ... Clauses + main clause 36, the moment ... A ... ... ... ... Immediately37, no sooner...than/hardly...when a ... ... ... ... 38、It is possible/probable/likely that... Possible ... ... 39、Do you mind if I do?/Would you mind if I did? Do you mind if I do something?
40, wish SB.+n./ABJ wish someone ... ... (C) following the use of transitional words 1, said af first time at first next next and then shortly later but soon after that then soon/shortly after ... ... Shortly after finally finally in the end finally eventually end at last lately has recently recently since then after that since then in no time and then after a while after that for a while afterward and later to begin/start first with=in the first place, 1th immediately immediately immediately Meanwhile=in the meantime=at the same time, while earlier during this period, until now suddenly=all of a sudden until now as a young man when suddenly ... ... When he was a young man at the age of ... ... ... As early as early at the age of ... ... As soon as a ... ... ... ... Before, early in the morning the other day a few days ago after/before dark early in the morning one day, one day before/after dark one one morning afternoon morning afternoon day 2, indicates to the right/left on the rinht/left on the right/left right/left in the middle of In the middle in front of the front in the front of the front at the back of the back at the bottom of the bottom on the edge of the ... ... On top of the side of ... ... Opposite to the top with ... ... Relatively close to close near to ... ... Next to and near ... ... Under adjacent vertically below at the bottom in the next over vertical in the above at the top across the ... ... Around on the other side after around behind before arriving in the former against leaning, and timing listed further on take the 3, first,second,third...finallyfirstly,secondly,thirdly...finallyfirstofall,nextthen,lastlyforonething...for said the same timeat firstat last4, cited for example for example: ... ... namely ... ... for instance, for example: ... ... that is (to say) meaning such as such as ... ... take...for example ... ... Like for like ... ... 5, compare or contrast like like Unlike similarly as in the same way in the same way compared to ... ... While compared and still=nevertheless but on the contrary was rather different from ... ... Different on (the) one hand...on the other hand on the one hand ... ... In contrast with and on the other hand ... ... In contrast to 6, and added to that and both...and not only ... ... And not only did not only...but also ... ... And as well as not only ... ... And also=besides=Furthermore=more over in addition, and in addition, and apart from apart from ... ... What''s outside more and, more importantly for another worse still=what''s worse=to on the other hand make matter worse worse including including 7, cause because since as because now that therefore thus it so as a result (of) Because of=on account of the results because thanks to thanks to, due to this reason for this reason if so if such a purpose if not if not 8, forthispurposeinordertodosoastodosothat...inorderthat... 9, concessions in spite ofwhatever/however/whoevereven if/even though10, though/althoughno matter+ a question represents a progressive or stressed that besides what''s is thus more and more importantly would above all first of all, indeed did in fact/as a matter of fact In fact, in other words, in other words in that case that way or rather more specifically to 11, said turning but particularly special but still however however however, while 12, summed up in a/one word, in short, a Word, a word generally speaking in short=in generally speaking a few words In short in final on the conclusion=Lastly whole=taking everything into consideration overall, so therefore in General therefore thus referred to as has been mentioned, as it is quite clear that it is obvious there is no doubt that There is no doubt that it is well-known that we all know as we all know=as is knownto us all as we all know as/so far as I know to my knowledge to sum up=to summarize=in summary in all 13, says the transition topic by the way I am afraid I am afraid in my opinion by the way in my opinion to tell the Truth to tell the truth to be honest, to be honest in face of fact to be of the opinion that ...; to have an idea; to be under the impression that ...; to think; to hold; to deem; to believe; to consider

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