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In life should be to read the book

The ordinary world of        author: Lu Yao Muslim funeral      authors: Hoda Norway wood        author: Murakami of the count of Monte Cristo      &Nbsp;  author: Alexandre Dumas, the Godfather              the author: Mario Puzo, Sophie's world,        authors: qiaositan¬∑Gude of the catcher in the rye &Nbsp;  author: Salinger of the white deer of the            authors: Chen broken April,        author: Ismail Kadare of the 15 year of Wanli     &Nbsp;   author: Huang Renyu of the beautiful history of the          authors: Li Zehou besieged              authors: Qian Zhongshu Uncle Tom's cabin,    author: Stowe of the settled          author: block-head of the root              &Nbsp;  authors: yalike¬∑heier of the life begins tomorrow    author: Mann   chunman alive,              authors: Yu hua Guans of selling blood       Author: Yu hua of the Gadfly              author: Voynich Wuthering          author: Emily Bronte biography of Napoleon &Nbsp;      author: paradise of the selected plays of Cao Yu Liu        author: Cao 1. the ordinary world of       author: Lu Yao was a panoramic novel of contemporary Chinese urban and rural social life. The book consists of three. Authors in the last ten years on a broad background, through the complex entanglements of the contradiction, carved image of many ordinary people from all walks of the society. Labor and love, frustration and pursuit, pain and pleasure, daily life and social conflict, numerous and intertwined, profound example of ordinary people in a great historical process of the tortuous and difficult path. Other than Henan people are building up from the Northern loess plateau and flowing to villagers in poor counties in Southern Plains area is an important part of it. Since the coal industry, where Alaska became the Western China, attracting millions of people who look for a way out. In the accent a variety of "United Nations", because Henan most languages tend to use public communication in Henan accent. In building up a life around people, who can speak a few words of Henan, and sing a few UH UH Ah Ah Opera. This city surrounded by hills dirt mound. Very thin soil on the mountain, it is impossible to cultivate and dense agricultural populations far from the loess plateau hinterlands, let alone compared with the crowded Central Plain. Because agriculture is very small, and not the lack of fuel, these mountain Mao Mao was thick like firewood, even some trees forest, appears more scenery than elsewhere on the loess plateau. Every autumn, when some leaves of fire on the mountain, flowers like takes away people's eyes ... ... Ridge between soil hilly due to mining depths even formed hole, surface settlement, alarming cracks often tear a few hills and even roof collapse caused the entire mountain fell, causing around three-magnitude earthquake on the Richter scale. One hundred or two hundred Li is the Yellow River North of the mountains, it took hundreds of thousands of tons of sediment panted heavily drips to the East ... ... This narrow ravine in the city can only put down a main street. The shop shop, building Street House, along the winding streets, along the railway, seven River along the normal throughput, row upon row, layer upon layer, dense honeycomb nests, from North to South the way a full ten Li long. Railway station is located in the city center. The waiting room of a rectangular building painted yellow, dip in this gray-black city is magnificent. Apart from the southern suburbs of the dual-use airport, railway station little square is perhaps the city's most spacious room. Trains from here to the South, across the Green Central Plains, five or six hours they can arrive in the provincial capital. To the West, to the East, to the North, there are roads out, has been to get to neighbouring provinces. This train station every day afternoon and two bus outside provincial capital, and the rest is all coal. From the Longhai railway branch line, it is the last section of the track has not terminated at this station. Steel ladder and Cha here two units along the uphill hole, string along the East more than more than 20 mines. Foreigners mention building up, know that this is a place where coal, so imagine the city probably everywhere filled with coal. In fact, building up on the edge of only one or two very small coal mines, the rest of the big East in the ravine. As you walk along the rail turning into the ravine, will know how big there world. These coal mines only ten miles apart, each mine has tens of thousands of workers, together with their families, almost more than the size of a mountain town. Dense population, crowded House, towering derricks, rumbling sound, loud noise, it was incredibly small ravines Shan Wan, how can carry such a large load? BACK

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