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How to improve preschoolers generalization

Induction is composed of a series of specific facts outlined the General principles of reasoning. Induction based on extensive and repeated in the knowledge of a classified summary of experience is obtained. For example, the chicken will take us, we do not lay eggs, horses run, the turtles do not fly ... Therefore, where animals can move. Science awareness activities from individual things started, and then discover the universal law of things. Induction from particular to General, from particular instances to general principles of scientific thinking method. Also, everything in the world, and according to some property belonging to certain categories, classification of the birds is an objective basis. Collation of results, can systematize knowledge, more conducive to the development of the child's ability.
To instil in the preschool children ahead of inductive thinking, inductive knowledge among preschool children learning habits, improving the generalization of preschool children is necessary, the children learn and grow is a very big role in the future. From what aspects that parents should start?
1, first of all for the children to develop a variety of small world.
The learning and mastery of knowledge began to be seen, and modes of thinking began in perception, perception, the richer the more active thinking deeply. Parents in child study or room to set up some intellectual atmosphere thick and rich knowledge of various learning tools, including posters.
2, let the children happily explore freely, give the child unlimited reverie space is active exploration of the child in early childhood period. They ask: "what is it", "how" and "why", and so on, adults to patiently answer accurately, meet your child's desire, and to actively create conditions, let the children happy to explore in the play.
3, and children were "moot", developing his active thinking in a positive way than one, see who says faster and more: what animals walking? what animals fly? what water swim? what animals crawl? ... ... Say a few words, say what, upon what is long: produce, such as chicken, duck, goose; horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, Tigers, Lions, elephants, wolves ... ... Pictures of children learning in a happy answer summed up the collation and master poultry, livestock, wild animals, such as concepts, these are referred to as heuristic way of enlightenment, through the accumulation of these small, from the habits and attitudes of the children exert a subtle influence on promoting, learning for the future help. But remember to adhere to is victory! BACK

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