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Help her daughter through puberty

Girls entering puberty, tend to become irritable temper, the mother-daughter relationship can become very delicate, and the slightest mistake, will make the child throw tantrums. Therefore, as a mother should pay attention to the following:
1, about her daughter's appearance not to comment.
Appearance of adolescent girls are especially important, but almost none of the girls feel good about themselves. Most think they're too fat, or too thin. If chest heaves a bit earlier or later than other girls, parties themselves wrong, and others are different. So, mothers had better not comment, talk about the child's hair and body and clothing.
2, cranky, don't blame her daughter.
Teenage girls would become volatile, Director-General of love into a dead end. This change in mood is caused by secretion of sexual hormones, role of sex hormones in adolescents to be much stronger than the boys.
Therefore, the fickleness of mother daughter and talked back to blame, nor God suspected ghost, may wish to use more wit and humor to enlighten and guide the children, making her safely through adolescence.
3, not to interfere with his daughter.
Adolescent boys and girls will have a lot of impact, physical changes girls deep shyness.
They can gradually adapt to this change in your life, do not want the mother to ask, because they think talking with his good friend is more appropriate.
As long as you don't cross the line of being a mother and child will be returned to your side, and you and a friend. BACK

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