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Ahead of autumn will remind parents to help their children against chickenpox

Spring and autumn are chicken pox viruses grow more exuberant season, of course, rapid infection season. So parents do for their kids early prevention and scientific management. Chickenpox is an acute infectious disease caused by a virus, premenstrual symptoms are fever and body begin to grow grains, chicken pox, can come all year round, especially during winter and spring and autumn often. Good age for children in preschool. Pathogenesis of fewer infants up to June. This disease is respiratory droplets, highly infectious, an illness is lifelong immunity after antiviral treatment. Herpes should isolate all the dry scabs after onset so far.
Prevention measures of early chicken pox can take cold medicine.
The early symptoms of chicken pox and the common cold are similar, usually have two or three days of cold symptoms, parents bad resolution. Due to chickenpox illness is produced can lead to serious complications such as encephalitis, myocarditis, so experts advise parents, once the children have flu symptoms in the spring, best for children to take drugs to treat colds, anti-cold drugs on early during chickenpox varicella illness also have certain effects. However, once a child is not cold, but there are signs of chicken pox, as soon as possible to bring the child to the hospital, for treatment.
Measures     1. avoid: acne break, especially on the face, because the cut will leave Mazi;    2. food: spicy food, seafood, it is best not to eat the food, it is best to eat list, such as: porridge. &Nbsp;   3. avoid: hair;    4. saving: cut nails to avoid scratching, so as not to rupture of herpes infection and scarring. Lu Gan Shi lotion for itching, blisters can be painted, burst can be coated with gentian violet, the infection can be coated with antibiotic ointment. Avoid using salicylic acid type of fever-reducing medicines, so as not to increase the risk of Reye's syndrome;    5. do: drink more water, change clothes frequently, keeping the skin clean, if the symptoms are severe, in time to go to hospital for treatment. BACK

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